Story From Haiti


Dear Maureen and all the ladies who make these dolls possible,

I just returned from another mission trip to Haiti and I wanted to share with you what these dolls are doing down there. Its been about two years now that I have been bringing these beautiful dolls to these precious children who live in a huts or a tent without any electricity or toilets. I always knew that the dolls were making these little ones so happy but honestly I did not realize to the extent of what it was doing in their lives until now. Sometimes when I have given the doll to a child they almost seem scared at first. They often don't know what to make of this beautiful doll cause they have never seen a doll nor have they ever received one. But for the most part, I see those smiles as I turn to walk away and I look back at them standing there holding their doll in wonder and amazement.

This trip to Haiti was a turning point. The children have not forgotten. I did not have to say anything at all to any of them. But as I walked through the mountain and their villages I started to notice something. It was happening over and over again. Child after child that has received a doll in the past had a different look upon them. One time I was walking and all of a sudden I felt a little hand in mine! I looked down and there was this tiny little girl looking up at me with the biggest eyes and a lil smile on her face. Another time I sat down  to try and cool off... and there was a little one climbing on my lap and holding on for dear life. Still another time I was actually being driven in a car up the mountain only to hear a noise. I looked back out the window and a little girl half dressed and barefooted was chasing after the car I was in.

The common thread here is that each one of these children have a Giving Doll.  They have not forgotten. To me, these dolls are more than dolls. They are love.  These children have been touched by these dolls. Even though there is a language barrier here, there is no barrier when it comes to love. They have been made to feel special. They are no longer feel alone. They have something to hold and love and I believe that they feel loved every time they hold them in their arms.

A funny story happened this time as well. I went to a different part of town and brought a couple dolls with me to give out. The kids loved them and someone asked me if I had another one for another little boy. I said yes but not with me and that in a few days I would come back with another doll. Well a few days later I went with my interpreter to give the doll as I had promised. From a distance I saw the one little boy that I had given a doll to a few days earlier. As soon as he saw me he started to make a commotion. I had no idea why this little one was carrying on so. I looked up at my interpreter , who by now had a big smile on his face and I asked him what this little guy was making all the noise about! It turned out he was shouting ," No ! No! You cant take my doll back ! No you cant have it back !!!!" Needless to say, I assured him it was his to keep forever and I was now smiling from ear to ear knowing how quickly he fell in love with his doll.

I wish you were all there with me to see for yourselves the impact your time and love has made on these children . You have been a blessing far more than you could ever imagine. Thank you so much for  giving of yourselves and filling each doll with so much love. God bless you. 


Patty Smith    True Love Missions